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Choosing a Family Law Attorney

Determine in which county your case will be filed - Normally a case is commenced in the county in which all of the parties reside, or the county in which the opposing party resides. So, of example, if you are filing for divorce, you would want to file in the county where your spouse lives.

Make a list of the family law attorneys in the county where the case will be filed. An attorney familiar with the Judges, court staff, local customs, and other attorneys involved in a case is best, so you want to select attorneys located in the county where you or the other party will file. Collect the names and contact information for several family law attorneys in the county. You can find attorneys several different ways: check the local yellow pages. Look at the attorney ads in the yellow pages of your phone book. Write down any contact information for those who advertise family law services. Also check for a Family Law sub-category; use an online directory. Many websites offer searchable directories of attorneys; or run a search at your favourite search engine. Use your favourite search engine to search for local family law attorneys.

Do some research - Some simple online research can act like a background check, and provide a wealth of information about some of the attorneys on your list. Others may be difficult to locate online. Some things to look for include: websites. Most attorneys will have at least a basic website listing practice areas and contact information, others will have extensive sites providing information about the areas of law in which they specialize and detailed information about their experience and qualifications; social medial profiles. Social media profiles and status updates can provide a wealth of information about a person or business; and news stories and press releases. News stories and press releases can be a great source of information about individual attorneys and law firms. However, when reading press releases, take them for what they are, a story put out by the attorney or law firm about which it is written.

Talk to friends and family who have used any of the attorneys remaining on your list. Keep in mind, if a friend or family member did not hire one of the attorneys but his or her ex-spouse did, or the attorney represented any opposing party, the source of information may be biased, as many people dislike the attorney who represents the opposing party.

Check online reviews. If talking to your friends and family did not help you arrive at a clear choice, you may want to look for online reviews of the attorneys remaining on your list.

Choosing a Family Law Attorney


Choosing a Family Law Attorney


Choosing a Family Law Attorney


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