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What areas does Family Law cover?

Marriage Contract - All state law set a legal age requirement for marriage, like a minimum age allowed for parties to get married without the consent of parents. The law also has the power to nullify certain marriages, like if one or both parties are already married, mentally unstable, forced into marriage or a minor.

Domestic Violence - In domestic violence cases, Family Law addresses the procedures involved in acquiring a protective order. The extent of the family violence is subject to the court’s decision. There is a protocol that is followed by law enforcement organizations to guarantee that the protection order is observed. For suspected injuries, medical professionals may be requested to conduct a medical check up and report to the law enforcement agency to testify whether the said injuries resulted from domestic violence.

Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage - Every state has laws that govern divorce procedures, including the necessary requirements to file for divorce and waiting period involved before it is finalized. Divisions of marital assets are also established, including protection of properties that existed before marriage or was inherited. Family law also set conditions for spousal support called alimony.

Child Support - Family law sets a number of custody arrangements which can be requested by one or both parents. These usually include joint custody where only a single parent have legal custody, joint custody where both parents have legal custody and sole custody on the child. Though most states don’t show favouritism on any parent, there are still states which observe the “tender years” principle, which declares that it is always at the best interest of young children to stay with his/her mother throughout their formative years.

Child Custody - Every state has certain laws which establish the minimum child support amount that a parent should give to the spouse who has custody of the child. In most states, life and/or health insurance must also be provided by the parent providing financial support.

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